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  • Start-Ups Package

    كل شهر
    +٥٠ ر.س.‏ Set up Fee
    Affordable Logistics plan for start-ups to ensure high quality logistical processes without back breaking commitments and fees
    • 20 Pallets
    • Free Inbound services
  • Seasonal

    +٢٬٥٠٠ ر.س.‏ Set up Fee
    Short term 3PL Solutions to cover your peak seasons without year-long commitments
    سارٍ حتى 3 أشهر
    • 500 Pallets
    • 50% off Handling Charges
  • SME Package

    كل 3 من الأشهر
    Reliable & Cost-effecient, this package is tailored made for SME's and offers dependable service at a budget friendly price, helping to streamline their logistics without straining their finance
    • 250 Pallets
  • Corporate

    كل شهر
    For Large corporation, this package offers the flexibility of monthly payments, allowing you to better manage cashflow and invest in business growth
    • 1500 Pallets
  • Transportation

    كل شهر
    Our transportation package provides you with predictable costs and a reliable services, allowing you to minimize the risks of unexpected expenses and lost sales
    • 30 - Same City Deliveries per month

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