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Quality and Safety

Assuring best Quality and Safety at all times is at the very core of Tranzone’s organization. Our management system incorporates Key Performance Indicators of quality and safety assurances at every level of our firm. We believe client satisfaction can only be achieved through performance excellence.

Our quality management systems are compliant with ISO latest 9001:2015 standards.

As our clients are world renowned Pharmaceutical and medical multinationals thriving to perform at the highest standards of quality and safety, all our operation is bound to be in compliance with all local and international (GSP & GDP) regulatory standards. This must be an essential part of our DNA in order to maintain the safety, security and efficacy of our clients’ products at all times.


 Quality & Safety policy 

•    Build a strong Quality & Safety Management Team
•    Achieve and maintain leadership in the service quality
•    Consistently Improve work process and procedures.
•    Ensure workplace should prepare an occupational safety and health policy as part of the preparation of the Safety requirements .

Quality & Safety Objectives

•    Dedicate company resources towards quality & safety awareness and improvement
•    Train and enhance employee’s skills and protect their long-term health, not simply to avoid accidents and build a positive spirit
•    Assure the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
•    Meeting and fulfilling customer’s requirements
•    Develop the capabilities and support mechanisms necessary to achieve the safety and health policy, objectives and targets.

Responsibility of Quality & safety Department

•    Ensure compliance with Tranzone Quality & safety policy and manual.
•    Provide oversight of any quality/risk/satisfaction initiatives including evaluation.
•    Identify, evaluate and recommend strategic initiatives   (including) in the areas of quality, risk, patient/employee safety and customer service.
•    Drive KPIs to achieve measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a Tranzone is achieving key business objectives. And to evaluate  success based on business goals and targets.
•    Review SFDA, WHO, GDP and other regulatory updates identifying opportunities for improvement as well as superior               performance in the areas of quality, patient safety and risk management.
•    Educate and promote internally and provide educational/training opportunities for quality improvement/risk management/  safety and health guidance in the organization Tranzone staff.
•    Identify, establish and evaluate quality, risk, satisfaction indicators, recommend strategic initiatives.
•    Identification and implementation of best practices and national regulatory initiatives.
•    Assist Facilities Services sections in their efforts to reduce cost   and increase quality of service through the establishment of a well-defined QAPI (Quality Assurance and Process Improvement) Program.
•    Support Facilities Services process improvement projects by mapping current process, identify the gaps, develop CAPA, and post implementation plan.
•    Facilitate audit visits for GXP, SFDA and health authorities.

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